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Google Gives Access to Offline Emails

After innovating many services in the web, Google is set to bring its innovation, which doesn’t include web. Google has announced its new offline Gmail service. Using this service, people can access to their gmail account even on offline. This new feature is yet to add up to the gmail accounts and once it is […]

Consumer Alert: Beware Of Obama’s Coins

Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration! People want to commemorate this big occasion with something big. So vendors are ready with their cool souvenirs. Check what items are out there as souvenirs. You have Obama’s hats, Obama’s buttons, Obama’s cufflinks, Obama’s T-Shirts, Obama’s coins… Wait a second did I say Obama’s coins? Oh yes! These coins were […]

Lebanon attacks: Messing up with Israel

Who fired the rockets? Is not an issue now. What is it going to result in? Is! There were three rockets which were fired on Israel from a small area of Lebanon. It is like hurling a stone at a mad Dog, chasing a Cat, and teasing it. This would obviously result in dog stop […]