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Main Features Of The 2008 Holiday Selling Season

As inflation has dissipated over the past few months, growth of consumer expenditures has also slowed from 2008. Highlights of 2008 holiday selling season are: Many jewelers informed that the number of transactions were reduced, but a perplexing number of jewelers reported that their number of transactions progressed slightly. Jewelry selling at the maximum price […]

Home Sales Still Worse In March

Though there is a significance decline in home prices, the home sales are still not showing positive numbers. There is no supporting customer demand or consumer confidence, to the lower home prices. Thus, it is still not possible for the housing sector to recover from the recession. However, there were some places in US, which […]

What a Solar storm means to us?

People on stormy areas really have much volatile life. Storms can occur at any time, and they might have to leave their places and take refuge in some unknown place till storm calms down. When they reach their house, they see that it doesn’t exist any more. Everything destroyed and slashed down; they can’t even […]