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Know How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

People spend their 90% of time in life indoors and this tends to deprive them of quality air if there is no proper ventilation. This poses a threat to you and your family’s health. Indoor air quality can be determined by how it affects individuals comfort, and efficiency of work. There is no standard measure […]

Planning to Improve Your Kitchen? Consider These Things

When it comes to house renovation, most people want to renovate their kitchen first and then proceed with other rooms that need a renovation. Are you planning to renovate or remodel your kitchen? If so, consider the following things, as you will find a total makeover of your kitchen. Counter-tops Counter-top is a horizontal work […]

What is Gum Lift and Its Procedure?

It means removal of gums to make your teeth to appear longer for people who have excess gum covering to the front teeth and also for the upper lip that comes up when they smile. The appearance of healthy gums play an important role in making smile looks good. So the combination of cosmetic dentistry […]