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How Effective Is Work Place Drug Testing?

Though employee drug testing has many benefits, the program has always been controversial between employers and employees. One of the more controversial employment practices is the testing of job applicants and employees. It might be the privacy issues or accuracy issues, but employee drug testing isn’t liked by many people, especially the employees. And this […]

Mass Layoffs Increase Jobless Beneficiaries

The claims of unemployment benefits are reported to reach record numbers. The increase in mass layoffs and the decreased hiring in firms all over the country has peaked the number of people turning to the federal offices asserting the unemployment benefits. According to the Labor Department, the claims of unemployment insurance have reached the 4.78 […]

Reasons and benefits For Employee Training and Development

In organizational development, the related field of Training and Development (T & D) deals with the design and delivery of learning to improve performance, skills, or knowledge within organizations. In some organizations the term Learning & Development is used instead of Training and Development in order to emphasize the importance of learning for the individual […]