Importance of Translation for Getting U.S Immigration Certificate

Certified translations are must for getting immigration certificates. U.S agencies such as, USCIS – U.S Bureau of citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) which are the primary bodies for giving permission for immigration to foreign nationals to enter in U.S, demand only certified translations of all the immigration documents.

Foreign nationals generally have all their documents in their native language. These documents are to be translated in to English while seeking the immigration certificate. For this purpose a good translator who is a certified translator from the concerned department should be chosen. Or there are many translation agencies which provide translation services for the purpose of immigration.

Immigration documents include, Birth certificates, driver’s license, passports, apostilles, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, police reports, child adoption papers, diplomas, transcripts of high school, university/college transcripts, letters of recommendation, real estate papers, medical records, legal contracts, etc. Translation of these documents has to be performed very carefully and one needs to have sound subject knowledge while translating.

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