The Pleasure Of Sunbathing On Vacations

The significance of sunbathing on a vacation can never be overstated. Sunbathing, along with being a pleasurable activity, comes with many health-related benefits, as well. Many people are unaware of the fact that moderate exposure to sunlight is actually an enjoyable thing that has several advantages. Thus, it will only be appropriate if accurate knowledge of this subject is provided. Let us now focus on some important, corresponding aspects of the gains of sunbathing.

  • When sunbathing is made a part of a vacation, it becomes an excellent antidote against depression. Exposure to sunlight leads to an increase in the amount of serotonin produced by the brain. And, this is a hormone that changes the mood for the better and keeps a person relaxed.
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  • It is a universally known fact that vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. And, the sun is the best source of this nutrient. Even if one manages to spend roughly 15 minutes to half an hour under sunlight, enough vitamin D is taken in by the body. This vitamin strengthens bones and takes care of the health of the eyes, too. It also markedly reduces the risk of developing heart ailments, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.
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  • Getting exposed to sunlight in a controlled way assists in treating many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Additionally, frequent sunbathing in the right manner substantially reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Sunbathing during a holiday, especially when the weather is colder, is a soothing experience. Here, a little elaboration will help. With sunbathing, the body’s circadian rhythm gets regulated aptly. And, a proper circadian rhythm makes sure that one doesn’t have to struggle to fall asleep. They are assured of restful sleep throughout the night.
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  • Hypertension is a problem that is nowadays affecting many people, due to the hectic pace of modern life. In this context, sunbathing is going to be of great help. The skin’s uppermost layer consists of nitric oxide, which gets triggered on having a sunbath. Nitric oxide then broadens blood vessels and thus enhances blood flow within the body. This enhanced blood circulation ensures that hypertension is kept under control.
  • Having a stronger immune system is one more striking benefit resulting from regular sunbathing. And, the presence of a robust immune system is crucial in keeping the body safeguarded from numerous infections and ailments.

Sunbathing- Don’t overdo
Sunbathing shall be a source of pleasure and health benefits only if it is done within the limits. If it is overdone, that could only cause some adverse effects. These are some of the pertinent points.

  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays alarmingly increases susceptibility to cancer of the skin.
  • It is advisable that the time of the day when one intends to take a sunbath should vary from one season to another. To be clearer, sunbathing in the noon during hotter months of the year will be detrimental to well-being. The duration of sunbath should also be changed as per the prevalent climatic conditions.
  • Irrespective of the season, it’s desirable that the per day time span of sunbathing never exceeds roughly 30 minutes.
  • People must make it a point to consume water while having a sunbath.
  • Before stepping outside for a sunbath, it would be better to apply suitable sunscreen on the body.

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