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Ways to Choose Fashion Jewelry

So many people want to follow the latest jewelry trends. But, they do not know how to find out the information about latest fashion jewelry trends. There are many ways to find out the information about latest jewelry trends. First a recent copy of your favorite celebrity magazine can be chosen, in which they show […]

Why fashion jewelry is recommended?

Jewelry which is being worn according to the present trend is called as the fashion jewelry. It is also called the junk or the costume jewelry. Often the terms costume and the fashion are interchangeable. They are not expensive and they are not made of the standard items like gold, silver, or even the diamonds. […]

Know About US Jewelry Sales In 2008

Jewelry are personal decorating and enhancing items worn as ornament or utility, to show luxurious or wealth, or to follow customs or fashion. The most regular forms of jewelry are the necklace, bracelet, ring , pin , and earring . Jewelry’s use antedates clothing, and it is made of a different types of materials like […]

Census Data On Jewelry Sales From 2003 To April 2009

The census data from the three sources (Jewelers Board Of trade (JBT), Bureau Of Labor (BLS), Census Bureau (CB) from the years 2003 to April 2009 is available. It reveals that: The government figures runs up to two years behind. For instance, the latest figures from the Census Bureau, which consists of the most complete […]

Main Features Of The 2008 Holiday Selling Season

As inflation has dissipated over the past few months, growth of consumer expenditures has also slowed from 2008. Highlights of 2008 holiday selling season are: Many jewelers informed that the number of transactions were reduced, but a perplexing number of jewelers reported that their number of transactions progressed slightly. Jewelry selling at the maximum price […]