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US Declares that Marijuana Has No Medical Use

Marijuana is a popular illicit drug which is affecting most of the population especially teens in United Nations of America. The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced recently that marijuana has no accepted medical use and told that it should remain illegal under federal act. Previously there are a lot of controversies regarding the use […]

Importance of Blood Drug Test at Workplaces

Taking illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and so on has become common. It is known to cause large number of deaths in the United States. Many employers are facing issues with drug abusing employees. Employees taking illegal drugs are absent for work frequently. They cannot concentrate on work because of the physical and mental […]

Know About Home Drug Testing and Its Importance

Drug testing is generally conducted at workplaces, schools, laboratories, and other organizations. Home drug testing has also been in practice these days. It can be conducted in privacy at home. Drug test kits used at home are of various types. Urine drug test kits are most commonly used home drug test kits. These are available […]

Know About Saliva Marijuana Test

Marijuana drug test is conducted at various places including schools, workplaces, and other government organizations. Testing marijuana is done by various samples including urine, saliva, hair, sweat and blood. Let us know about a saliva marijuana test. A saliva drug test is one of the most commonly used methods for determining whether an individual has […]

Certain Laws for Drug Testing at Workplace

Many employers have made it a necessity to perform employee drug tests. An employee drug test involves test performed on job applicants and current employees. However, it is a risky practice. Certain federal and state laws have been evolved for balancing employee privacy against the employer’s right for maintaining a drug-free workplace. Employee drug tests […]

Importance of Conducting Marijuana Drug Test at School

There are some commonly abused drugs, marijuana is one of them. Now a days many teens are getting attracted to take drugs. There can be many reasons. But using drugs spoils teens’ career and life as well. So it is necessary to conduct the drug test in schools in order find out the student drug […]