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Flashing LED Rings for Your Halloween

It is common that everyone of us gets excited to wear special costumes on a Halloween night. However, also remember that appropriate fashionable accessories are very much necessary to enhance your appearance. They should be appropriate and match well with the costume as well. When considering unique and stylish costumes for Halloween, get the elegant […]

Customized Glow Sticks for School Events

When arranging school events such as school dances, sporting events, graduation parties, or class events, you need to consider many important things including d├ęcor, favors, safety aids, etc. Glow sticks, more particularly, customized glow sticks, are considered to upgrade late night school celebrations. Different sizes and colors of glow sticks can be used for decorating […]

Funny Zebra Glow Sticks for Exciting Night Events

It’s often known that glow sticks are the general glow novelties seen in dark night celebrations. They are often available in different colors such as white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple. But, have you ever heard of zebra glow sticks? The name itself seems very interesting. Right! Then go on to know […]

Dancing Techniques with Glow Sticks

While kids enjoy playing with glow sticks, adults enjoy by decorating glow sticks and making their party look special. But, there are also another sect of people who like glow light partying, they are none other than youngsters. Dancing in a party is like enjoying the party to the fullest for some and it is […]

How to Choose Glow Sticks for Different Occasions

Everybody knows how to use glow sticks for different occasions. But they may not be aware whether to select less expensive or more safety glow sticks. Since they are made up of different quality of plastics it is always advised to buy best quality of glow sticks. If you buy cheap quality there is an […]

Are you Aware that You Can Catch Fish Using Glow Sticks?

Most of us are quite familiar about different uses of glow sticks like, for recreation purposes, for decoration and for some tactical and non tactical rescue operations in military grounds. Glow sticks are plastic tubes which emit light when bent and shaken. Because of their heat resistant, water proofing, light weight properties they can be […]