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Needle Free Anesthesia Equipment for Dental Treatments

People may have unpleasant association working with dental fairies like sound of drills, smell of the sterile gloves etc. It is the same in case of anesthesia injections. Some people will be feared of the smell, and the pain caused by the needle. So, for those kind of people, there are various types of anesthesia […]

Surgical Treatment for Gum Diseases

Gum disease is a condition in which gum tissue and bone supporting the teeth becomes infected and inflammation of gum tissue takes place. It can be treated by using medications, deep cleaning methods such as root planning and deep scaling and surgical methods. If medications and deep cleaning methods are not treated effectively, then surgical […]

Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

Diagnosis of oral cancer involves the tests used to evaluate whether cancer cells are present in oral cavity or not. Here are the tests involved in the diagnosis of oral cancer. Chemiluminescent light Staining test Biopsy CT Scan PET scan MRI Scan Dental X-rays Endoscopy 1. Chemiluminescent light Dentists use chemiluminescent light to diagnose oral […]

Digital Impression System for Making Teeth Impression

Technology has taken a step forward and emerged in dental field. The digital impression systems where used here too. In dental field digital impression, system is used for taking the impressions of the teeth. Traditional impression system is obsolete when compared to the digital impression system. Digital Impression System: This system is used to make […]

Causes and Treatment of Tooth Decay

What makes tooth decay? Tooth Decay is a damage occurred to the teeth when bacteria enters the mouth and make acids that make holes called cavities in teeth. This is a major problem that most of the kids are facing today. This problem must be treated properly to avoid pains and effects caused by tooth […]

Candidate Suitable For Braces

Braces can be for any age group. Patients suffering from tooth spacing, crowding, misalignment or any other oral problems can go for orthodontic treatment. It is recommended for patients with oral health problems along with unorganized or protruding teeth. There are various reasons for the candidate to be suitable for braces, which are explained below. […]