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Want to Know About Hotel Bed Linen?

Hotels need to be very specific about their linen which is the most important component of the hospitality industry. Based on the requirements, various types of linen are used by hotels. Hotel linens include bath towels, hotel slippers, bed linen, hand towels, and others. A hotel bed linen comprises blankets, bedsheets, pillows, bed comforters, quilts, […]

Materials Used in Towels and the Benefits of Towels

Hotels provide soft, durable, luxurious towels for the guests. The customers while choosing a hotel for staying may consider the quality of the towels provided by the hotel management. Some of the materials used to make towels are terry cotton, velour, linen, paper and cotton. Some of the popular patterns of the designer towels are […]

Clothing Used For Tables In Hotels

In a hotel to provide clean environment for the guests while having meetings, the tables in the hotel are covered with many types of cloths and the cloths used for decorating the tables are given below: Restaurant Table Cloth: These cloths are used for protecting the table from the scratches or stains. Ornamental table cloths […]

Clothing Used for Bathrooms in a Hotel

The clothing used for bathrooms in a hotel must be soft to give the guests a good experience. They are a symbol of luxury to guests. To do this there are many types of clothes used in bathrooms of a hotel and they are given below: Bath rugs: The bathroom in a hotel can be […]

Different Types of Clothes Used in Hotels for Bedding

The clothing used for bedding in a hotel must be soft to give the guests homely experience and personal luxury. To do this there are many types of clothes used for bedding in a hotel and those are given below: Hotel Pillows: Pillows are used for support for the head while sleeping in a bed […]