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Financing Options for A Car

Financing is a loosely used term in the car business. It is used with a means that the dealership will either provide the loan to take lease the car or to buy the car. Buying the car with single cash payment would be the opposite of financing a car. You can also get the loan […]

Trading Psychology – Fear and Greed

A trader should maintain a right psychology with emotional outlook. Without the right psychology, the trader’s emotions will have big impact on his trading and may even prevent him from doing trading. The two emotions traders may experience often are fear and greed. Fear is the emotion that will cause you to close a trade […]

Benefits of Information Technology in Banking Sector

Apart from doing traditional business like collecting the deposits from the public and lending the money to individuals or organizations, banks now a days provide services to the all types of customers like individual account holder and company accounts and also to the non customers. The range of services offered differs from bank to bank […]

How to Calculate Sales Tax of a Used Car

As soon as the good is purchased, sales tax will be imposed on that vehicle. Apart from the goods, the sales tax is also charged for the services. Generally, the sales tax is paid by the buyer of the good or service and is collected by the seller. The tax is paid to the government. […]

Role of Investment in Finance

Investment: Investment can be defined in finance as the purchase of item of value or financial product with an anticipation of good future returns. Generally investment means use of money in the expectation of making more money. Investment in finance: In finance, investment is the proper use of funds by purchasing monetary or paper assets […]

Budgeting For Small Business

Setting budget will help the small businesses when they are in profits and even when the opposite is the case. Budget is assessment of income and costs. Businessmen analyze and adjust the budget from time to time and these are based on real numbers. A budget is a valuable tool to help you achieve the […]