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Lebanon attacks: Messing up with Israel

Who fired the rockets? Is not an issue now. What is it going to result in? Is! There were three rockets which were fired on Israel from a small area of Lebanon. It is like hurling a stone at a mad Dog, chasing a Cat, and teasing it. This would obviously result in dog stop […]

What can Obama bring to science?

Besides bigger challenges on economy and foreign policy issues, Obama has also to cover much more sectors which have postponed crucial decisions till the election of new President. They all require immediate attention because they are going to lose a lot along with the delay. As science and technology is one of them, it is […]

Obama rally on roads of Hampton

Barack Obama the Democratic presidential nominee returned to Hampton roads on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 night with a rally at Harbor Park in Norfolk. Obama rally started at 9.30 p.m. and doors were opened from 7.00p.m. Tickets were not required but an RSVP was strongly recommended for attending the rally. Virginia could be a toss […]

Microsoft Wants a New Yahoo Board

Microsoft Corp. threw its weight behind investor Carl Icahn’s effort to oust Yahoo Inc.’s board next month, saying Monday that a successful rebellion would encourage the software maker to renew its takeover bid for Yahoo or negotiate another multibillion-dollar deal. The development gives Icahn a huge carrot to dangle before Yahoo shareholders as he wages […]

Google slates Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Google billionaire co-founder Larry Page criticized a potential Microsoft takeover of Yahoo, saying it would concentrate too much power in the online communications market, stifling innovation and curbing competition. But he discounted the idea that an advertising deal between Google and Yahoo – one the two companies are now exploring would present any potential antitrust […]