Human-Machine Collaboration: The Future Workforce In Industrial Manufacturing

The landscape of the manufacturing sector is always evolving and in such a scenario the strong synergy shared by machines and the human workers who operate them has assumed the role of an agent of transformation. With the coming of smart factories, we are now in an era where Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are bringing about a revolution in the way production is being approached. However, there is so much more to such a paradigm shift. It has transcended those boundaries and is now signifying an enhancement in the collaboration…

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Cement Manufacturing – Ores Used And Process Overview

Image by brgfx on Freepik

Cement is the most vital building material that binds almost every structure that humans build today from the simplest of a concrete slab to engineering marvels. It is an ever-present constituent in concrete which is made by mixing it with aggregate comprising sand, gravel, and water. This paste hardens over time and gives the concrete structure its required shape and strength and durability. Cement use finds mentioned in the thousands of years-long history from the ancient Vedic age to Roman civilization. But unlike the binding material used then, the cement…

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