An Overview On Web 2.0 technology

The term Web 2.0 is denoting the second generation of the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 is characterized by greater interactivity with the user, more collaboration, more ubiquitous network connectivity with better communication channels. Web 2.0 is understood by many experts as the transition phase from static HTML web pages to more dynamic webpages with ability to serve web applications to the users. Web 2.0 is taken more as a marketing term rather than a computer science terminology. Blogs, wikis and web-services are considered components of Web 2.0. Read the full post »

Miniature Garden Plants for Kitchen

Cultivating garden is a good way for any gardener to spend their time in a beneficial activity. Before planting gardener must know what kind of things needed to be grown. We can grow many colorful flowers that are full of nice fragrance to make the surrounding pleasant, herbs to use as one of the ingredient for eatable and drinkable items, or vegetables and fruits to receive the highly nutritious food to keep us healthy. Choices can be made according to our preferences for growing plants in a garden. Read the full post »

An Overview on Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition has become a latest trend in technology where the programs convert the human dictated words into text. The software lets you talk to the device, analyzes the sounds and acts accordingly as per the instructions. Primarily it was developed as an alternative for typing and formatting the text but today the software has improved abilities to perform multiple tasks such as sending emails, opening apps, adding contacts to mail list, or browsing websites using voice commands. It lets you record your thoughts hand free no matter where you are and allows you to start and control various activities using voice instructions. Read the full post »

How Inability to Handle Peak Volume can Affect Your Online Revenues ?

The biggest challenge for any website is to fight against the situations of downtime issues. One possible reason for downtime could be denial of website access. Generally, DDos or Distributed Denial of Services are targeted to disable the resources that keep the websites up and running. When a website is under DDos attack, it stops responding to the user activity either due to crash of network functionality or insufficient resources like bandwidth or disk space. The attack could be intentional by malicious attackers or hackers to bring the website down or it could be simply due to heavy influx in traffic during peak hours.

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Advantages of dedicated servers

For consistent performance and security often people opt for dedicated servers to host their websites and complex business applications. Unlike shared & VPS hosting where server resources are shared between the users, dedicated remains as the perfect solution for those who require uninterrupted performance with complete control on the servers. With new cloud technology in place now, some really get confused choosing between these two, as both of them exhibit almost equal server performance and reliability. Read the full post »

Knowing about Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a durable plastic material or a tooth colored resin material is applied and hardened with a light, which eventually bonds the material to the tooth to improve or restore person’s smile.

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