Why Whistle Blower Laws A Concern For Employers

CA Labor Law PostersLabors laws are passed to ensure that the welfare and interests of the employees are safe and they are not subject to exploitation and discrimination by their employers. Provisions in the labor laws provides the systems which enable employees to put up their grievances with the concerned authorities if they believe that their rights are jeopardized. Sometimes they may inform the agencies of any wrong doings of their employers. The act of exposing is popularly termed as “whistle blowing” and the persons who do it are known as “whistle blowers”. Whistle blowers often attract wrath of their employers and face discrimination. Often they get fired by their employers. To protect the interests of the whistle blowers, Whistle blower protection Act was enacted. This ensures that the rights and interests of the whistle blowers stay intact. The government is very strict with these rules.

While these come as no or little benefits to the employees, it comes as a shock to the employer. Most of the times, he may not be at fault. He has a larger role to cater in the firm and sometimes the things may go overlooked. Many a times, he may not even be addressed of the grievance and many a times, it may be a fault on the employee side. Regardless of all these things, employer has to face the wrath of the Federal and State agencies. So, an employer has to be a little concerned about the law and see to it that whistle blowing should not happen in his business firm.

Why employers need to be concerned
There are many ways and for many reasons an employee can turn into whistle blower and blow the whistle. Reasons can be violating a law, rule or regulation, mismanagement, heavy wastage of funds, misuse of authority and risk of health and safety to public or at work place. If you look at these you will yourself feel that it is not difficult to comply with these things, but the problem is only that you can not see it coming. Our your side, everything may be running good and fine and one unfortunate day, suddenly someone blows a whistle.

There are certain factors which makes employees to turn into whistle blowers. One is the provision of the False Claims Act. If an employer claims funds falsely or furnish false details to minimize taxes, he can be charged under False Claims Act and around 15-25% of the recovered damages are rewarded to the whistle blower. This lures many employees to blow the whistle. Sometimes, an employee may be looking forward for some opportunity to take his revenge. Any laxity can come as an opportunity to him. Sometimes an employee may not even think it necessary to convey his grievances to him at the first place and in some other cases, even the employees can plot against you. The mistake may not even lie at your side quite sometimes, but you have to become a victim. Federal and State governments are no less merciful regarding these acts. So, you should be on watch.

What an employee needs to do
To save yourselves from any complications of the Act, you have to be certain that compliance of the laws are ensured. Occasionally, you should arrange good will meetings with the employees and get their grievances addressed. Working on their complaints is another good approach. This will lead to a cordial employee-employer relationship. If you find any target areas of dissatisfaction among employees, try to address the issue. Record keeping should be strict and rules should be followed meticulously. This way, any greedy employees will not be able to tip you off in greed for some reward. Employees should be made to take responsibility for their work so that you do not pay for their mistake.

It is not all difficult to protect yourself from the whistle blowers, you just need to be on watch and aware of the activities and environment of the workplace.
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Causes and Treatment of Malocclusion

Malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of teeth when jaws are closed. It is a condition in which misalignment of teeth resulting in the improper fitting of upper and lower jaw when talking or chewing. Proper alignment of teeth makes the chewing more effective and distributes the chewing forces equally. If these forces are distributed unequally makes teeth to fracture and finally tooth loss occur.

Causes of malocclusion

  • Abnormal jaw and teeth size: One of the major reason for malocclusion is abnormal jaw size. Another reason for malocclusion is abnormal tooth size. If the tooth size is large than the jaw size, overcrowding of teeth takes place and too small teeth leads to gaps between the teeth.

  • Impacted teeth: Wisdom teeth becomes impacted when there is no space to come out from the gum. This impacted tooth creates pressure on adjacent teeth and makes them to rotate leads to misalignment of teeth.

  • Missing teeth: Tooth loss creates gap between the teeth. This gap makes the adjacent teeth to shift their position and teeth become crooked.

  • Birth defects: Birth defects such as cleft lip or palate or birth defects in the jaw causes malocclusion. Fractures or injury causes misalignment of jaw causes malocclusion.

  • Bad oral habits: Bad oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrushing causes malocclusion. Thumb sucking and tongue thrushing pushes their thumb or tongue against upper front teeth and teeth become protrude and causes malocclusion

  • Mouth breathing: Mouth breathing makes the tongue to position at the inside of the upper front teeth makes the teeth to protrude causes malocclusion

  • Tumours in mouth: Tumours in mouth is due to smoking or chewing tobacco. This is also one of the causes for malocclusion.

Symptoms of malocclusion

  • Misalignment of teeth and jaw fit together
  • Abnormalities in the facial appearance
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Discomfort in talking but it can be seen rarely
  • Taking breath through mouth

Treatment for malocclusion
Treatment for malocclusion is needed to improve appearance and also improve biting and chewing ability. Malocclusion can be treated with non surgical procedures if the misalignment is mild.

Application of orthodontic braces to the teeth pulls the teeth gradually to the normal position. Extraction of tooth means removal of one or more teeth to realign the teeth.

If the above treatments are not effective in treating malocclusion, orthognathic surgery is performed to correct the abnormalities in jaw.
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Limitations of a Four Stroke Engine

A four stroke engine is an essential part of almost every automobile. A four stroke engine has good number of advantages. Apart from a good deal of benefits that a four stroke engine offers, it has few shortcomings also. As an owner you should have a good understanding of your vehicles and you should acquaint yourself with the limitations of the engine that your vehicle has. In this article we will discuss the limitations of a four stroke engine.

Less power
A four stroke engine has to undergo two full up and down revolutions consisting of four strokes between the top dead center (TDC) and bottom dead center (BDC) for a single power stroke. Whereas a two stroke engine can do this in a single revolution consisting of a up and down strokes. Hence a four stroke engine generate less power than a two stroke engine. These are low RPM engines.

Complicated design
A four stroke engine consist of inlet and exhaust valves and lubricating oil chambers. All this makes the design of a four stroke engine complicated and intricate. This makes the troubleshooting and maintenance difficult. Comparatively, a two stroke engine has no valves and the lubricating oil is directly mixed with the fuel. This makes the design simple and easy to manufacture.

Large flywheel and bulky
Compared to a two stroke engine, a four stroke engine has a large flywheel and larger in size. Since power stroke is the third stroke in a complete set of two revolutions, a larger flywheel is required to store the energy and maintain a continuous operation of the engine. Hence, it is heavy and bulky and requires more floor area in the vehicle to accommodate itself.

Because of the bulky features, large size and intricately complex design of a four stroke engine, it is a little expensive at the beginning. The presence of inlet and exhaust valves, a heavy flywheel and a separate mechanism for lubricating oil etc have to be accommodated in the engine. The manufacturing process becomes expensive for producing an engine with all these features. This makes four stroke engines expensive.

Although four stroke engines are facing all these limitations, the worth of the four stroke engines are not subdued. It carries immense benefits over two stroke engines. Four stroke engines have better torque even they produce less power. Little wear and tear results in long life. Complete fuel combustion leads to better thermal efficiency and fuel economy with cleaner and quieter operations. By virtue of all these attributes, four stroke engines are still surviving and most preferred for an automotive.
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Employer’s Obligations Towards Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

OSHA presents guidelines for the use of Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) to save the workers from workplace related hazards. PPE are designed particularly to save workers from specific kind of workplace hazards. PPE includes gloves, vests, earplugs, goggles, hard helmets, etc. Each of these PPE offers protection against a specific hazard. These include protective helmets to protect from objects falling over head, gloves to protect hands from injuries caused due to electrical shocks, goggles to protect eyes from glare and particles coming out of welding equipment and so on.

Employer’s responsibilities towards PPE

  • OSHA holds the employer responsible for the safety of the workers at the workplace. Hence an employer must asses his workplace for safety hazards to determine what sort of hazards are present in the workplace that require he use of PPE. They should also ascertain what PPE should be used to avoid those hazards. He should take into account the workers present at the workplace and provide them with adequate number of necessary PPE.

  • The PPE should suit the workforce. Unfitting PPE can be of little use in protecting the worker against hazards.

  • After arranging for the PPE, the responsibility of the employer extends to ensure that the PPE are maintained in a sanitized and a reliably working condition every time it is being used.

  • Though PPE are good means to save a worker from work related injuries, they are generally considered the last line of defense against all such hazards. Other OSHA recommended safety systems should be in place that will counter the hazard before it comes to the PPE. This includes safe work practices, engineering control mechanisms and administrative controls.
  • Engineering control mechanisms involve changing the work environment with the help of machines to provide better security against hazards.
  • Safe working practices involve training workers to do their job safely without getting exposed to hazards.
  • Administrative controls include scheduling work among workers as per their capabilities to offer minimum risk to the workers.

  • An employer should emphasize the use of PPE by their workforce to ensure that they remain safe during the job. Training has to be imparted by the employer to the workers to teach them what PPE to choose from for a particular hazard and the way to use it. Workers should also be about the limitations of the PPE and the proper way to wear and use them. They should be taught how to maintain PPE in good condition.

  • Employers should invariably display posters at requisite sections at workplace communicating the work hazard associated with the place and the PPE that should be used by the worker while working there.

To be safe at work is right of the worker and it is responsibility of the employer to ensure that it happens. OSHA safety measures provide maximum protection to the employees working under hazardous conditions and saves employer from getting a bad reputation and penalties to be imposed from law agencies.
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Do Your Part to Reduce Water Pollution

Water pollution is contamination of water with chemicals and toxic substances that are dumped into the water system without proper treatment. Now a days, water pollution is one of the serious problems in the world. Here are some tips to reduce water pollution.

  • Toxic products such as chemicals, oils, petroleum products should not be disposed in toilets and sinks. Dispose off properly. Instead of disposing properly it is advised to use non toxic products.

  • Do not flush medicines, tissue papers, diapers into toilet as it leads to sewage problem and also water gets polluted. Dispose them properly to reduce water pollution.

  • Use environment friendly products for home cleaning and other purposes. It will contribute a part in reducing water pollution.

  • Do not use more fertilizers and pesticides for plants. Try to reduce their use. It reaches the nearby water system and pollutes water. It is advised to practice composting and use organic manure instead of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Smoke from the vehicles release some toxic pollutants such as nitrates, carbon monoxide which enters the water system and causes toxicity to human when drinking that polluted water. Don’t keep your vehicle’s engine running at signals and contribute your part to reduce water pollution.

  • Automobile oil should be used properly. Maintain your vehicle to ensure there is no leakage of fuel.

  • Stop deforestation to reduce water pollution. Plant tress near your home as it controls the reach of drains to near by lakes or water systems.

  • Use water when need. Do not keep your tap water running when not in use. Reduce water use for washing. This reduces the water shortage problem as well as it reduces the treatment for waste water.

  • Do not use water packets. It is advised to keep one water bottle with you where ever you go. It reduces pollution related to plastic and also saves your money.

  • Do not use colored detergents and bathing bars. It also contributes to water pollution. Use only phosphate free soaps to reduce water pollution.

  • Reduce soil erosion by using conservation practices or best management practices.

  • Avoid using plastic bags. Carry a bag with you when you go out. Plastic bags cannot degrade in soil and this leads to pollution of water.

  • Strict rules and regulations should be maintained by government to prevent the dumping of wastes in industries into water system.

Follow all the above said points and contribute your part in reducing water pollution.
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Don’ts While Traveling to a New Place

Traveling is fun. It is fun to travel to new places, discover new things, meet different people, adopt their culture for a while, taste new food, dare some challenges and live a life younger than your current age. The fun is unaccountable and unmeasurable. It gives you break from regular places and sights and adds vigor and color to your life. Let it be friends, family or relatives; traveling is so much fun and there is still a lot left to explore. Just some certain things to be kept in mind to ensure that the trip is memorable.

Don’ts while traveling

  • Mocking culture, tradition, people and their language. This can get you arrested as per country’s law and things can get very worse.

  • Make fun in particular of deities. This can attract unprecedented consequences and legal and local wrath on you. Least you want to experience on your trip.

  • Break any national rules. Almost each country is governed by some set of rules and every tourist is expected to follow them. Your actions and stay in a place brings you under the jurisdiction of the law of the land.

  • Get into scuffles. People may try to provoke you for some interest. But simply ignore them and continue with your trip. Getting into brawls can get you charged with infringement of law.

  • Get too close to a local. Some of the locals may try to befriend you and get close to you in order to cheat you later and get away with your belongings and valuables.

  • Eat at a filthy place. You should always eat at a hygienic place and drink good water. It will protect you from getting sick over the trip.

  • Visit dangerous places with family. There are some places in every countries which are not suitable for civilized people due to presence of anti-social elements. Such places should be kept off the list even if they are interesting.

  • Get casual with people and belonging. Your companions and belongings are your responsibility over the trip. Getting casual with these things may lead to you losing them.

  • Stay in unreputable places. Always stay in a good hotel, even if it is little expensive. You never know what kind of business happens in unreputable places.

  • Do not get over drunk during your travel. You will become easy victim to burglars and law of the land.

  • Always travel in groups and avoid secluded places during night. You might be overpowered and looted.

  • Pickpockets will haunt you like shadows till they steal something. You may lose your passport and all your money for worse.

Avoiding these little things can save you from big troubles.
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Mistakes Done While Renovating Home

Home renovation is the process of renovating or making additions to the existing home. Most people fail in renovating their home due to some common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to be avoided while renovating your home.

Lack of proper plan
The common mistake everyone does while renovating their home is lack of proper planing. If you don’t have proper plan what you want to renovate in home, it leads to over budget. This can be solved by planing before you start remodeling your home.

Using cheap quality materials
One of the biggest mistake people do while renovating home is using cheap quality materials. These cheap quality materials deteriorates on time and again replacing leads to loss of money and time. Use high quality materials which can stand for many years.

Inaccurate measurements
Measurement is one of the core elements in remodeling your home. Proper measurements for pricing, cutting, managing material and other resources is important. Improper measurements leads to wastage of material and increases cost of project. To avoid this, it is better to take accurate measurements.

Lack of analyzing budget
Prepare budget plan for your project before starting it. Analyzing budget helps you to go in a proper way. If you don’t plan budget, the project may cross your budget with out reaching your objective.

Mismanaging contractor
Hiring mismanaged contractor is one of the mistakes in renovating your home. Select the one who expertise in the field of renovating homes. If you feel your contractor is not doing properly, speak up sooner to avoid failure of renovation as you are going to live with those results.

Ignoring lighting
Another mistake most home owners do while renovating their homes is ignore lighting. Improper ventilation and lighting makes the home dull. To avoid this, lighting should be provided in home which completely change the appearance and ambiance.

Spending too much money
Spending too much money for tools and labor costs diminishes the budget plan. Avoid buying unnecessary tools and plan within your budget to renovate your home.
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Hiring an Attorney to Handle a DUI or DWI Case

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), it is important to decide whether you need attorney or you can manage the process. Hiring an attorney is a great idea to handle such cases. Hiring an attorney will reduce your chances of penalty and punishment or prevents you from arrest.

Following points should remember while hiring an attorney

  • Look for an attorney who has experience in DUI and DWI cases
  • Hire local state attorney as he know all the laws regarding these cases
  • Ask your attorney for total cost for representation – It is necessary as in some cases, the reduced charge is less than the spending money on hiring an attorney
  • It is better to consult two or three attorney to take final decision

Hire an attorney to plea bargaining
If there is a possibility for plea bargaining, hiring an attorney will increase your benefits. If the tests shows the blood concentration level of around 0.09% and conclusion cannot be drawn from field sobriety tests then prosecution may change the charge from DUI or DWI to harsh driving. This charges less penalty than DUI charge. If you are charged for the first offense then it is not necessary to hire an attorney.

Public defenders
Public defenders are people who economically qualify for the service of defending these DUI and DWI cases. Most of the states provide public defenders for individuals who have been charged for DUI or DWI cases. Public defenders have better idea of plea bargaining than private attorneys. Choose the public defender who have more credibility with the prosecutor office. The more credibility the more will be the chances of plea bargaining.

Hire an attorney for sentence bargaining
Most of the states have sentence bargaining in addition to the plea bargaining. Hiring an attorney for sentence bargaining is important. Sentence bargaining is useful in cases where plea bargaining result in a long period of incarceration. In some cases you would not want to pledge guilty unless you know what your sentence will be. In these conditions, an attorney should be hired to reduce the charge on you.

Hire an attorney to manage court process
Attorney will asses the case and understand the possible fines and jail time and helps to reduce or prevent from charge. He or she can manage the process by filling the required forms, scheduling your appointment at vehicle suspension department and making other required processes. Attorney who is experienced in DUI and DWI cases may know the prosecutors and which argument will be better to save you from such cases.
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How to Cool Your Self in a Car without Air Conditioning

When it is hot and humid, it would be miserable to sit in a hot car waiting for the traffic to start moving. To over come this type of problem, we make the following suggestions to make comfortable when driving.

How to cool a car without air conditioning

  • Put a wet cloth over the middle vent of your car
  • By placing a wet cloth on the middle vent, the air that blows over it will be much cooler.
  • Keep a few pieces of wet cloth ready to replace when it dries.

  • Drive your car with barefoot
  • Driving your car with barefoot might be a little unusual idea. But your body can let out some amount of heat through your feet. So traveling with barefoot will help keep you cool to some extent.
  • In some places or countries it is illegal to drive with barefoot if that is the case just avoid this suggestion.

  • Bring freeze water bottles to use as ice packs
  • Bring freeze water bottles to use as ice packs. Wrap the frozen bottle in a towel and put it behind your neck.
  • Once the freeze water bottle liquifies, drink the cold water in it to cool off.

  • Plan your traveling time when the day is cool
  • Plan your traveling time in cooler parts of the day like early morning is often the coolest time of the day.
  • if you are traveling is not on a fixed schedule then plan driving as possible before the heat becomes unbearable in the day.
  • Try to avoid driving in mid-afternoon to avoid worst heat of the day.

  • Look for shady routes as your frequent routes
  • When driving, make sure that you are traveling in tree lined streets and roadways that are often shady for a long part of the day.

  • Roll down the windows of your car
  • Sometimes, the noise and odors of city driving may tempt you to keep the windows closed.
  • To increase the air circulation open rear window to draw fresher air.
  • Opening the car’s sliding back window to draw fresh air.

  • Roll down the windows a little while parking
  • Roll down the windows for a short while while parking. It will allow the hot air to pass out of the car pulling in cooler air.

  • Put a fan on the dashboard
  • Put a fan on the dashboard. You can get an inexpensive 12 volt fan available at auto parts stores.
  • They are attached on the rear view mirror, or stand on the dashboard and plug in to move fresher air.
  • Switch it on during driving, to help circulate the air and keep you cooler.
  • Passengers can use a real fan to help circulate air around themselves.

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Swimming Pool Construction in Your Garden Landscape

Swimming pool enhances the look of the garden. If you want to construct a pool in your garden, you can go through this article. It helps you in making choice of constructing the pool in the best location in your garden and for decorating the landscape. Constructing a pool and landscape design that suits your garden look is not that easy and it requires the help of builder. Therefore, here are few easy steps through which you can make your garden landscape beautiful with pool.

Select the location of pool
Most of the people prefer locating their pool in the garden near the patio or the backyard. This gives them privacy when they are in the pool. The decision for locating the pool should be made by you and the builder works as per your needs. If you can’t make the decision take the help of the constructor. They may help you, as they will have more experience than you will.

Choose the style
The style of the pool should match the garden and your home. Take the pool construction manual from the builder and ask him to show models and various styles of pools. Among them, select the one that you want or that matches your pool needs. Only the style you will choose and the builder will suggest you weather the size will be sufficient or not for the design you have selected. With this the size, model and location of the pool will be completed.

Select the flooring for your pool
Now, you can make the flooring decision. There will be various stone options available for the swimming pools. Flooring with the stones should reflect the interior stone design of your home. Also, take the suggestions of the builder asking which stone will be durable and stain free in the pool. Finally, among the choices available make the best option for the pool construction.

Construct the pool and add decorative pieces
Start construction of the pool with the help of your builder and look after the construction carefully. Once, the construction is over add ornamental features like pebbles in the pool and at the border of the pool to give more beautiful look. Also, plant some small shrubs and plants around the pool. Fill the pool with water and have a great time in your pool.

These are the simple steps through which you can construct your garden with the help of the builder. Building pool in the garden will enhance your garden giving it a pleasant look.
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