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Know about Asanas in Yoga

Asanas is a Sanskrit word that means a sitting posture or pose for doing meditation. In Yoga, the Asanas are body poses such as the triangle posture and the lotus posture. It is also one of the several components of ancient tradition of the Yoga. As we all know that Yoga refers to the quest […]

Is it necessary to Practice Yoga Everyday?

This question often arises in the minds of people who are practicing. And I wonder why it arises? When people are more concentrated about what they are doing and the purpose for their practice there is no question of doing it regularly or occasionally. Yoga, like other form of workouts is a more natural way […]

Know About the Beneficial Features of Multi Panel Drug Testing Kits

The world is facing many challenges from increasing unhealthy habits particularly from increasing illicit drug abusing. The number of drug abusers is increasing day by day, world wide health researches suggesting to their people to avoid unhealthy habits. For controlling drug abuse, drug testing methods are getting popularity, this drug testing kits are coming with […]

Know How Yoga Improves Wellness

Wellness is the healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit which results in an overall feeling of well being. No other exercise, or work out gives a similar well being to all the parts of the body including mental peace other than yoga. Yoga is a holistic approach to the life that encompasses bodily, […]

Aim Behind Doing Yoga

The main aim of yoga is to attain self realization and to break down the barriers that separates one’s individual self from the universal world. The aim or objective of yoga can be attained only once you get control over the physical, mental and spiritual senses. To attain this, one needs to follow the principles […]

Different Forms of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient physical discipline which is used to create a balance between body and mind to attain self enlightenment. Yoga typically means ‘union’. Union should be between the body, mind and the soul. Yoga involves different postures by the body which are called as ‘Asanas’, in Sanskrit. It is a set of techniques […]