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How to Make Your CMS Website Secure?

CMS website: The website offering CMS (Content Management System) is known as CMS website. CMS websites allows the owner of the website to add images, text, data etc without having the knowledge of HTML, java script, CSS, etc. Does your CMS website need security as it is hacked? As the owner of the website, owner […]

Registering a Domain Name and Web Hosting

It is important to know that registering a domain name, owning space on web and web hosting are all different things. A person is likely to be confused believing that all of them mean the same, and often they are deprived of the benefit of acquiring the best service at reasonable prices due to lack […]

Website Crash Reasons

There are many reasons for a website crash. When website crash occurs, the site is not available for the visitor or user. The reasons may be within the functionality of the website or the hardware of the server. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for crash of a website.

Know Things Your Website Traffic is Telling About

Every business owner should know about their statistics of business website because it helps them target the best markets for their businesses and allows them to measure, monitor, or track who is coming in and out of their website. From this data, they can develop their business and can overcome the pitfalls of their business. […]

What is the Importance of Website-Monitoring Service?

A website-monitoring service is important for any website for smooth running of the website and to monitor site speed, load indicators, page display, etc. People often get frustrated and disappointed if they are not able to access the website, slow working of website, broken sign up form and others. These problems may stop them from […]

Need for Choosing Best Website Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring the website, server, network, application all come under one umbrella. As they are very crucial for the wellness of a website, monitoring them also helps the organizations to know well about their performance and the way they are responding to the user requests. In general there are a couple of methods which are used […]