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Know About the Limitations of Machine Translation

Translation is an art of transferring the source text in to the required language which is called as target language. Most of the times it is done by humans to protect the literary values of the source text. But, in case of some source texts which does not require any kind of literature or nativity, […]

Know about Brochure Translation

Generally brochures are used to promote locations, events, products or services. Brochures are typically printed in high quality paper and contain attractive texts and colorful images. Brochure translation is a bit difficult process as the translator has to capture the style and tone of the writing in source language and has to translate them in […]

Know About the Qualities of A Good Interpreter

Interpreter is a person who helps to convert one spoken language into another language. An interpreter bridges the communication gap between two different languages and cultures. Apart from interpreting and analytical skills, the interpreter needs to have excellent memory and mental dexterity. One of the major quality that an interpreter must contain is that he […]

Importance of Translation for Getting U.S Immigration Certificate

Certified translations are must for getting immigration certificates. U.S agencies such as, USCIS – U.S Bureau of citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) which are the primary bodies for giving permission for immigration to foreign nationals to enter in U.S, demand only certified translations of all the immigration documents. Foreign nationals […]

Duties Of A Translator

The main function of translators is to convert written material from one or more languages (known as source languages) into the target language (generally translator’s mother tongue), guaranteeing that the translated version projects the meaning of the original text as precisely as possible. Translators generally should have excellent command on two or more languages. The […]