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Important Services Covered Under Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside assistance coverage as the name itself suggests is meant for a vehicle, which is covered under this insurance i.e., when the vehicle incidentally stops on the road because of a problem. In general, people while purchasing the insurance policies ignore this roadside assistance coverage, thinking that they can handle such trivial situations. However, it […]

Why Diesel Fuel Good for the environment

Diesel is the primary fuel used for various transports across the world. It is oilier and heavier than gasoline fuel emitting certain amount of particulate matter and nitrogen compounds as it burns. Theses emissions make people presume it as bad to the environment but compared to gasoline it emits less amount of carbon dioxide, carbon […]

Indications of Faulty Brake Pads

As a vehicle owner, you should be concerned about the brake pads, as it is an important safety feature of the vehicle. You need to make sure to check whether your vehicle brake pads are working properly or not. You can identify the faulty brake pads with the following indications. If your vehicle has the […]

Limitations of a Four Stroke Engine

A four stroke engine is an essential part of almost every automobile. A four stroke engine has many advantages. As an owner you should have a good understanding of the limitations of the engine that your vehicle has. In this article, we will discuss the limitations of a four stroke engine. Less power A four […]

How to Cool Your Self in a Car without Air Conditioning

When it is hot and humid, it would be miserable to sit in a hot car waiting for the traffic to start moving. To over come this type of problem, we make the following suggestions to make comfortable when driving. How to cool a car without air conditioning Put a wet cloth over the middle […]

Replace Car Parts to Cut Down Fuel Costs and for Better Mileage

In order to bring down the fuel cost apart from making changes in the driving style and regular maintenance, you must also look for the parts that gives fuel efficiency and if they are worn out try to change them. This will improve fuel efficiency. Replace spark plugs For every spark plug there will be […]