Cement Manufacturing – Ores Used And Process Overview

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Cement is the most vital building material that binds almost every structure that humans build today from the simplest of a concrete slab to engineering marvels. It is an ever-present constituent in concrete which is made by mixing it with aggregate comprising sand, gravel, and water. This paste hardens over time and gives the concrete structure its required shape and strength and durability. Cement use finds mentioned in the thousands of years-long history from the ancient Vedic age to Roman civilization. But unlike the binding material used then, the cement…

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Factory Mechanization vs Factory Automation

With the advent of sophisticated technologies like automation, businesses and manufacturing plants in different verticals of the industry are undergoing a revolution. The concept of industrial automation largely dominates this sector, where smart technologies have been integrated into machines. In factors, both mechanization and automation are necessary to carry out the necessary processes. Now, you might be wondering what’s the difference between factory mechanization and factory automation. In this post, we have discussed how these two concepts differ from one another. The contemporary industry needs both mechanization and automation to…

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Important Services Covered Under Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside assistance coverage as the name itself suggests is meant for a vehicle, which is covered under this insurance i.e., when the vehicle incidentally stops on the road because of a problem. In general, people while purchasing the insurance policies ignore this roadside assistance coverage, thinking that they can handle such trivial situations. However, it is a beneficial coverage; and people should be aware of its importance, where they are expected to spend more on roadside issues. It can cover the vehicle insurance in many ways. Some of the benefits…

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