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Benefits of Barcode for Maintaining Time and Attendance System in Schools

The barcodes are mainly used on the items, like boxes, cans, jars and other packaged goods, which are available in grocery shops and retail stores. But barcodes, have their applications in other categories, such as schools and offices. Schools and university campuses depend on ID card systems for security, access control, time and attendance or […]

Know About Application of 2D Barcodes for Biometrics

The technology of barcodes is applied these days for biometrics to enhance security. Biometrics is a method of human identification by means of physical and behavioral traits of a person. 2D barcode biometrics are used for fast and easy product identification. 2D barcodes are used because they can store large amount of information when compared […]

Know About the Benefits of Various Types of Barcode Scanners

Barcodes are commonly used in retail industry for inventory purposes. Devices used to scan barcodes are termed as barcode readers or barcode scanners. Various manufacturers are involved in providing different types of barcode scanners. Symbol barcode scanners, HP barcode scanners, Wasp barcode scanners are some of them which are used in various industries. Different types […]

Comparing One Dimensional and Two Dimensional Barcodes

Barcodes are considered simply as a series of stripes on a light background that is able to be scanned and read directly into computer. The bars and spaces are the main elements in a barcode. These should be of consistent and proportional thickness and thinness. These are printed on a barcode label by a barcode […]

Barcode Scanners and Their Technologies

A barcode can be termed as a printed horizontal strip of vertical bars with different widths that represent decimal digits and are used for identification of commercial products or parts. The barcodes are printed on labels which are termed as barcode labels. The data on barcodes is read by a device called a barcode reader […]

Tips to Choose a Best Barcode Printer

Barcode labels are being used for different types of products. In order to use these products, it is necessary to print barcodes on labels by using barcode printer. Such barcode labels are affixed on the products or items. So it is important to purchase right printer. There are number of printers which are available in […]