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Advantages of dedicated servers

For consistent performance and security often people opt for dedicated servers to host their websites and complex business applications. Unlike shared & VPS hosting where server resources are shared between the users, dedicated remains as the perfect solution for those who require uninterrupted performance with complete control on the servers. With new cloud technology in […]

Benefits of Reseller Web Hosting for Reseller Account Holder

Today, reseller hosting is a popular way of web hosting for people who want to maintain multiple domains. Here, the reseller has the complete authority of maintaining multiple domains of their clients and benefits by reselling the sub-domains to the clients. Do you want to start a web hosting company by providing and become a […]

Limitations of a Four Stroke Engine

A four stroke engine is an essential part of almost every automobile. A four stroke engine has many advantages. As an owner you should have a good understanding of the limitations of the engine that your vehicle has. In this article, we will discuss the limitations of a four stroke engine. Less power A four […]

Through Hole And Surface Mount PCB Technology Services

In the early stage of development, circuit components used to be connected using wires. Later, wood was used a substrate with copper foils. Technology slowly paced towards the use of printed circuit boards (PCB). As the name goes, PCBs are just the insulated substrate board used for only printing the circuit leaving space for the […]

How to Make Your CMS Website Secure?

CMS website: The website offering CMS (Content Management System) is known as CMS website. CMS websites allows the owner of the website to add images, text, data etc without having the knowledge of HTML, java script, CSS, etc. Does your CMS website need security as it is hacked? As the owner of the website, owner […]

Durable Medical Equipments

Durable medical equipments are used in the treatment of diseases at home to aid better quality of living. Some of the durable medical equipments include: Oxygen tents Nebulizers CPAP Catheters Wheel chairs Negative pressure wound therapy Enteral Nutrition Equipment Oxygen tents: Oxygen tents are devices used to provide high levels of oxygen to the patient […]

The Working of a Drum Brake

The drum brake is kind of braking system that consists of a drum like structure called the brake drum. The system uses a set of shoes or pads against the brake drum to cause friction and thus braking. The drum brake system is very similar to the working of a disc brake system where the […]

Know About the Types and Facts of Hybrid Engines

Hybrid engine is the term commonly used in hybrid vehicles which combines the traditional internal combustion engine and one or more electronic devices. These engines gives power to the cars most of the time and when the car requires additional power it allows to use an alternate efficient engine. The vehicles that mostly use hybrid […]

All about Autonomous Driver-less Cars

Technology is making all smarter – so with cars. All the things and gadgets around us tested on the yardsticks of smartness and autonomous actions. Smart phones, smart homes, smart computers and smart robots and many more then why not smart vehicles. A vehicle that is smart and can take its own decisions after analyzing […]

How Enterprise Software Tend to Maintain Relationship with Customers

It is important to maintain continuity with the customers for an organization to boost up their business. It is a crucial aspect that will help them shape their business. Good relation indicates maintaining loyalty. Customer relationship management is all about the processes that help in effective functioning of organization with respect to maintaining relationship with […]