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Best Vitamins for Women and Recommended Daily Intake

Every women should receive adequate amount of vitamins and a good way to get the essential vitamins is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Many women in every age group face lack of vitamins. It is important to know which vitamins are beneficial based on each stage of life. Some antioxidant vitamins include A, C […]

Things Under Consideration While Choosing a Micronutrient Supplement

Did your doctor suggest to take nutrient supplements? Confused about choosing a nutrient supplement? Unable to evaluate things to check before buying a supplement? No problem. In this article, we will discuss points to help you in getting a better supplement for you. Make sure bear in mid the following points.

Vitamins Critical for Overall Brain’s Health

Everyone wants to store and recall memories. The storage of the memories in the brain will not be the same at all ages. As we age, our memory slows down and we forget some issues. This is due to the diet and functioning of the digestive system which reflects the proper functioning of the brain. […]

Get to Know about Vitamin K – the Clotting Vitamin

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient required in our body. This was discovered in 1935 by a Danish scientist Henrik Dam. The ‘K’ in vitamin K comes from the German word ‘koagulation’. Coagulation means clotting. Hence, it is commonly known as clotting vitamin or coagulate vitamin. Without this vitamin, our blood cannot clot.

Get to Know about Deficiency of Fat Soluble Vitamins

Most of us eat foods that fulfill our appetite and we tend to ignore food that is good to health. When your food is deficient in essential nutrients such as fat-soluble vitamins, you may face health issues like poor eye sight or even loss of vision, swelling of body parts, weak bones and muscles, etc. […]

What are the Food Sources of Vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin which dissolves easily in water. The body stores the required amount of this vitamin and excretes the remaining amount of this vitamin through urine. So, it is necessary to add this vitamin in your daily diet in order to get rid of the problems caused by the […]