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Causes and Treatment of Malocclusion

Malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of teeth when jaws are closed. It is a condition in which misalignment of teeth resulting in the improper fitting of upper and lower jaw when talking or chewing. Proper alignment of teeth makes the chewing more effective and distributes the chewing forces equally. If these forces are distributed unequally […]

Surgical Treatment for Gum Diseases

Gum disease is a condition in which gum tissue and bone supporting the teeth becomes infected and inflammation of gum tissue takes place. It can be treated by using medications, deep cleaning methods such as root planning and deep scaling and surgical methods. If medications and deep cleaning methods are not treated effectively, then surgical […]

Diagnosis of Oral Cancer

Diagnosis of oral cancer involves the tests used to evaluate whether cancer cells are present in oral cavity or not. Here are the tests involved in the diagnosis of oral cancer. Chemiluminescent light Staining test Biopsy CT Scan PET scan MRI Scan Dental X-rays Endoscopy 1. Chemiluminescent light Dentists use chemiluminescent light to diagnose oral […]

Repair Your Damaged Teeth with Inlays and Outlays

Inlays and outlays are similar to filling. Inlays and outlays are used when half or most of the teeth biting surface is damaged. They are substitute to filling. Inlays are mostly used for indirect restoration of the teeth consisting of gold and porcelain which is fitted to the cavity of the teeth. Outlays are used […]

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) During Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only brings changes in physiology and hormones but also in your teeth and gums. Oral health should not be taken for granted simply because you are pregnant. Some treatment should be avoided during pregnancy but the treatment concerning the health of the teeth can be performed. Infections in root canal are the most […]

Interesting Facts about Dentist Drill

Today, many people are suffering with dental problems. The problems caused due to unhygienic conditions. Generally, food materials are filled inside the gaps of teeth. This leads to cavity, tooth decay. By proper brushing, we can overcome this problem. However, sometimes if the food materials are not cleaned then it gives birth to bacteria. If […]