What Is Business Disability and How It Impacts Your Business

The UK government has implemented the Disability Discrimination Act against the discrimination of the disabled, in the year 1995 and further extended in 2005. It makes the discrimination of the disabled unlawful in respect to their disabilities in relation to employment, the provision of goods and services, education and transport. The discrimination is in terms of treating the disabled less favorably than other staff or job applicants for a reason relating to his disability. The less favorable treatment can be in respect of any aspect of the employment – recruitment procedures, contract terms, promotion, training, benefits and dismissal. So businesses shouldn’t treat the disabled customers, employers, partners, or competitors in an odd manner, which hurts them. However, this act impacts the safe running of a business a little. But these can be overcome by a little humanity and a little more concern on the disabled.

There is a need to increase the disability awareness in the people related to businesses to reduce issues. This helps in understanding the strategic, commercial, legal, societal, ethical and professional benefits of getting it right on disability and thus helps in providing the best disability confident service.

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