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What is Unhealthy Diet and Its Effects on Teen Health

An unhealthy diet is a diet which do not provide necessary nutrients for the body and some times it may be referred to excess eating which causes number of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. One of the major effects of the unhealthy diet is on children and it causes […]

Benefits Of Personal Fitness Training

Physical fitness is totally required for good health and generally obtained as a result of exercise and nutrition. Benefits of personal fitness training are: Active individuals will have a longer life and improved quality of life. Exercise nourishes the heart, vascular system and the respiratory system to fight against the adverse effects of cardiovascular disease. […]

Difference Between Yoga And Exercise

Yoga and exercises are different from each other. Both have its own purposes to be performed. The basic differences between yoga and exercise are: In the physical exercises, oxygen consumption is increased, but practice of yoga yogic exercises reduces oxygen consumption. The respiration rate falls in yogic exercises as they are done slowly. In physical […]

Green Tea And Its Benefits On Health

Drinking hot beverages, especially tea is habit of many people. Most of the people like to drink tea at least for 4-5 times in a day. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants gives required oxygen to the different processes of the body. Antioxidants or free radicals enter into the body through external sources like exposure […]