Benefits Of Barcodes In Hospitals

Barcode wristbands are useful at any location where patients must be identified or information must be recorded. Increased accuracy and timesavings will convert into benefits in any environment.

Medication Administration: One of the most efficient methods to take benefit of barcoded wristbands is to incorporate automated medication administration systems. Initially, the nurse scans the wristband to recognize the patient using a barcode scanner, which is connected to a mobile or bedside computer. After this, nurse records information regarding the drug that should be administered by scanning a barcode on the pharmaceutical. This facilitates to have reduced errors, which in turn result in reduced liability and risk to malpractice trials.

Blood Administration: In the process of medication administration, it is very essential to verify whether patients acquired the correct blood or not. Blood pouches will consist of a regulated barcode identifier that makes it simple to perform scan-based safety checks. The development of barcode identification in blood collection, processing, and distribution will reduce the huge number of blood administration errors.

Sample Management: Barcodes are considered as very essential quality assurance means to track medical samples. Quality assurance methods can be provided conveniently to the patient’s bedside by employing barcode scanning to correlate samples with the patients.

Treatment: A barcode-based recognition system will help in preventing a person from performing operation on the wrong patient. If the patient is misidentified for surgery, the result will be fatal. Wristband scanning for patient for verification will help surgical teams, respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, physical therapists, and other professionals to guarantee that they are administering the right treatment or service for the right patient.

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