Duties Of A Translator

The main function of translators is to convert written material from one or more languages (known as source languages) into the target language (generally translator’s mother tongue), guaranteeing that the translated version projects the meaning of the original text as precisely as possible.

Translators generally should have excellent command on two or more languages. The languages which are most in demand are the authoritative languages of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN).

Translators generally work on the documents which are scientific, technical, commercial, literary, legal and educational. Most of the translators work freelance from home, or employed for translation agencies or specifically for clients, but few organizations will hire in-house translators.

Some duties of translators and translators-revisers are:

  • Translate different types of written material like correspondence, reports, legal documents, technical requirements and textbooks from one language to another, preserving the content, context and style of the original text to the maximum extent possible
  • Localize (confining) software and related technical documents to make them get adapted to another language and culture
  • Revise and edit the translated material
  • May train and manage other translators.

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