Know About Impact Of Transportation On Humans

Generally transportation is the movement or displacement of goods or people from one place to another. It is generally a major part of the economical growth and it makes globalization easier. Transportation creates a lot of impact on the environment. There are different modes of transportation. They are by air, water, land. Each one has its own impact on humans. There are positive impacts as well as negative impacts of transportation on humans.

Fatalities are increasing day-by-day with the effect of transportation. The fatalities are being for every kilometer and even for every hour. Growth of transportation has lead to an unfortunate effect like accident. Wide ranging growth in injuries and death are because of accidents. The loss of life due to accidents is increasing faster compared to the spread of diseases.

Accidents occur mainly due to these factors:

  1. Human Error: These are done by the humans. They may be due to alcohol consumption, cell phone conversation, even because of traveling on the wrong direction and because of fast driving.
  2. Technological Errors: These may be caused due to improper grading of the speed on the highways, poor signing in case of railways, no proper indicators for the aircraft regarding mountains etc. All these are some of the technological errors which lead to fatalities.
  3. Environmental Errors: Apart from these even the environmental errors like fog, rain play a major role.

These can be reduced by improving the vehicle’s design, improving the maintenance of the road and making the driver educated.

Apart from accidents, emissions from automobiles are making people ill. These gases include nitrogen, carbon monoxide, etc., make serious impact on people. This can be controlled by reducing the emissions. Apart from the negative impacts it also has positive impacts like

  • Reducing time and effort taken to travel
  • It is also used for providing health services within time in case of any emergency.

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