Important Things to Consider Before Applying a Perfume

Because of the sweat glands present in the body of a human beings release sweat. In general, each person has three million to four million sweat glands, and on each day they produce 12 liters of sweat. If you are in a cool place then the sweat gets reduced and will be around 500 ml a day. To avoid these sweat problems (odor) these perfumes, deodorants, sprays are used.

Once the selection of the perfume is done, it is also essential to know the procedure for applying the perfume. The perfume which you have chosen must be sensuous and subtle. But, it should not be of powerful nature, as one may get allergies and feel heating sensation on the body. Sometimes because of the strong odor one may get headache.

Some of the applying methods of perfumes:

  • Always apply the perfume in the places where the blood vessels come in contact with the skin. Generally the places like wrists, neck line, behind the ears, and also at the knee points. As the temperature rises at such places the perfume will get evaporated by leaving the fragrance.
  • For getting a little and light smell then go for the light fragrance perfumes which cannot stay for a long time. So, spray the perfume in the air and walk along the path then you will be imbibed with that smell.
  • Some of them like to apply the perfume under the arms, never do that because it creates allergy problems because of sweat. Always apply the perfumes in the places where the temperature is high and no sweat will be produced.
  • Some people want to apply the perfume in hair don’t apply directly but go for the mixing procedure. Generally, mix with shampoo or the hair oil and then apply it.

So, these are the steps which are to be followed before applying the perfume.

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