Types of Marijuana Drug Tests

Marijuana drug test is conducted to detect the presence of the marijuana in the system. This is one of the most available drugs. You can know the results within minutes or a day. These results depend on the type of sample which is chosen for testing. You can choose this marijuana drug test according to the time period that you suspect for consumption.

Generally, detection period of the drug can be decided by the weight, drug tolerance levels, metabolic rate, gender, age, overall health. There are different tests to know the presence of the marijuana drug. Such as:

Urine test: This is one of the test to test the presence of drug. In this test, marijuana can be detected within few days or even weeks after stopping its use. This test results depend on whether person is regular or occasional user of marijuana. In most cases, past drug use can be detected by the urine tests. After taking the marijuana, THC’s metabolites are stored in urine, so that is why even weeks after the use of drug also drug detection can be done. If careful assessment is done then results of the urine test will be fairly accurate.

Blood test: Generally, these tests can be done in case of accidents to check for intoxication and to detect the marijuana use. Blood test can detect the THC and its metabolites if any person is presently on marijuana. After use of marijuana, it gives positive results with in the few hours. If any person takes marijuana regularly even then positive result can be given after a day or two after use.

Saliva drug test: To test marijuana, this test is the convenient and less expensive one. A quick and accurate results are given by this test. In this test after marijuana use, metabolites are detected in the saliva for 12 to 24 hours to maximum up to 3 days.

Hair test: Generally after taking the Marijuana drug, it’s metabolites get settled in blood and THC reaches the hair through the blood vessels in the scalp. This hair test is one of the most reliable test. A long term marijuana use is detected by this test. Minimum of one inch cut close of small sample of hair from the scalp is necessary for hair test. You can take the hair from any part of the body like chest, armpits, legs or face for hair test.

Generally, these tests are conducted to detect the marijuana drug in the body. You can choose one test from them according to convenience.

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