Benefits of Barcode for Maintaining Time and Attendance System in Schools

The barcodes are mainly used on the items, like boxes, cans, jars and other packaged goods, which are available in grocery shops and retail stores. But barcodes, have their applications in other categories, such as schools and offices. Schools and university campuses depend on ID card systems for security, access control, time and attendance or transaction and personal data processing. All the above said functions can be performed easily with the help of barcodes. Two dimensional (2D) bar codes can store lot of information like digital photographs, signatures, schedule data, emergency contact information and even biometric data in a single code than the linear (1D) barcodes. Printing barcodes on the student ID cards, make them act as a “portable database.”

The benefits of the barcode system for the schools are given below:

  • They help in processing attendance and truancy.
  • Validating student identity for conducting tests, dorm and sporting facility access, and miscellaneous security uses.
  • It helps to track the students while they are in off site transportation, as well as during fires and other emergency situations.
  • Adding 2D barcodes along with mobile card readers to a school card system helps to increase the security.
  • The 2D barcode can store the information in horizontal and vertical dimensions. 2D barcode is self contained, there is no need to connect the system to a back end database.
  • The 1D codes can be used to automate student related transactions in the library, cafeteria, bookstore, and many other areas where PC is present.
  • The 1D and 2D barcodes does not add any costs to the card production, since bar codes are printed at the same time as the ID card. The 2D bar code offers features of a smart card, such as data capacity, at 1/10 the price.

All the above benefits, result in improvement of performance of the students, due to the effective management plans by schools.

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