Know About the Qualities of A Good Interpreter

Interpreter is a person who helps to convert one spoken language into another language. An interpreter bridges the communication gap between two different languages and cultures. Apart from interpreting and analytical skills, the interpreter needs to have excellent memory and mental dexterity.

  • One of the major quality that an interpreter must contain is that he should be able to speak two languages that he needs to interpret proficiently.
  • One of the other quality required by a good interpreter is, he should be flexible to learn new words and the phrases and he must be willing to watch and learn from other interpreters.
  • Objective of the interpreter must be clear and he should not work in favor of any one and both should be equal in the eyes of the interpreter. Don’t show your own feelings, regardless of your opinion.
  • An interpreter must have strong knowledge of the field he is working in.
  • Interpreter should have a basic understanding of the human needs and emotions along with strong sense of community service and participation are essential for providing the interpretation services.
  • The expression of the interpreter must remain the same as that of the hearing person.
  • Other feature is that a good interpreter just communicates the feelings and attitudes of both, the hearing and the speaking person.
  • The interpreter should not accept assignments where he knows he is not qualified.
  • Interpreter must have extensive vocabulary in both languages, general erudition and intimate familiarity with both cultures and excellent note taking technique for consecutive interpreting.
  • Punctuality is one of the most important quality that an interpreter must incorporate in him.
  • Another important characteristic is confidentiality, an interpreter must keep the information confidential in the fields like legal and medical where important information is discussed.
  • Professional appearance is important for an interpreter.

The above are the qualities of a good interpreter.

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