Know How to Landscape with Rocks Along Lawn Edges

Among the many different ways of preparing lawn edges, rock lawn edging is one. It is mostly preferable for providing a natural ambiance to theminiature trees landscape. The rock landscape edging blends to the natural greenery of the lawn. However, select the right sized and colored rocks which are suitable for the landscape area.

Planning is necessary for adding any feature to the lawn. Determine the location of the edging of the lawn and create a preferred border along it. Mark the line of the edging. Then, the grass or sod should be removed from an area of about 6 to 8 inches deep along the border. Newspapers or mulch is then laid along the border with a depth of about 3 inches. This helps in fighting the weed development and avoids the use of chemicals. Finally, the rocks are placed on the top of the mulch or newspapers. The size and shape of the rocks may vary.

It is good to leave gaps of 3 inch or 4 inch size for certain fixed distance, say 5 feet. This helps to allow creeping plantings to fill in the spaces. Once the rocks are laid, the edging should be watered well. This helps the rocks to settle into the place. When building the rock lawn edging, be careful to see that the bottom of the trough is free from any uneven rocks or bumps. This is to ensure that the rocks are placed evenly around the edge. While creating the border, you can also fit uneven rocks together by holding them together with mortar or sand. You can also create rock landscape edging around the pools or garden ponds.

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