How does Cloud Computing Function?

In a company, installing software for every PC is a huge burden to the executive or boss or employee(responsible for having software and hardware to everyone) because they need to buy more and more software as the hiring of new personnel is going on and this becomes stressful and cost expenditures.

If installing software on every PC, why should not do all work through single application. Installing only one application would permit all the employees to work for the same job by log in through internet. This will reduce the burden of the executive as well as costs of hardware and software’s. In this context cloud computing concept comes into picture.

Remote devices owned by various organizations would run everything from mails to word processing to complex data analysis programs. This latest design in technology is known as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a technology which can be used as a platform, web-based software, middle ware and computing services. Cloud computing platforms offers services like data processing and data storage to the end-users.

In this kind of cloud computing system, there is a continuous workload shift which means local computers do not have to perform massively when it comes to running applications. A network of computers forms the cloud and manages everything from storing data to processing data. So, this cloud lessens the hardware and software requirements at the users side. The only thing required at the user’s computer is to run the cloud computing system’s interface software and the rest will be taken care by the cloud’s network.

A simple example of functioning of a cloud computing is you run your e-mail program on your computer through log in to a web email account ( via internet) remotely. This software and the account information is stored on the cloud computing service and is not stored on your computer.

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