Do’s and Dont’s When Designing a Website

To do business online successfully, you need to get a website designed according to the needs of your visitors. You need to create a website for your business to sell the product/service. However, you need to know the things you need to take care with respect to your website design.

Here are do’s and don’ts for an effective design of your web portal:

    • The title for your web pages in the website should make sense and it should clearly say- what that page contains.
    • Never force visitors who visited to your website to download new plug-ins and browsers.
    • Never introduce flashy content or intros as it may disturb the visitors who are reading needful information in your site. Flashy content in web page may take longer time to load which eventually force the visitors to move to another website.


  • If some pages are in under construction, disable them, or don’t include them. It may distract the visitors and they won’t come again to your site.
  • Don’t include content that isn’t relevant to your business. Include needful content to grab the attention of maximum number of visitors who may turn out as your potential customers in the future.
  • Don’t include page counters in the website design because it tells visitors to know about it (as you don’t want others to know its internal details).
  • Remove excessive ads from your web pages.
  • Apply user-friendly color scheme in the webpages.
  • Don’t fill your website with pop-up windows. And also make your content short and simple to read.
  • Last but not the least, provide optimal navigation links in your website which should clearly say that from which page you are moving to other page.

These points you need to take care of when designing your website. Get your website designed by a professional web designer as he knows what to include or not.

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