Nativity Influence is a Major Barrier in Learning a New Language

Most of the people find it difficult to learn a new language as they are unable to come out of their nativity influence. To learn a new language you are needed to absorb the basic nuances of the new language as they are. Along with the grammatical differences, you are also required to imbibe the new culture and lifestyle to master the language. Hence, it is very much essential for a person to not to club the native language with the new language. The right way of learning a language is to see the language differently and enjoy the newness of the language.

The common mistakes occurred in the process of learning due to the native language influence are:

They translate each and every word of the new language in to their native language to form a sentence. They follow the same sentence order that is present in their native language to form a new sentence in the new language.

Compare each and every aspect of grammar rules. Any rule of grammar that is different from our native language becomes hard to follow.

Pronunciation is the major aspect which is affected by the native language. Most of the learners find it hard to adapt the new accent and pronunciation. It should be remembered that pronunciation of any language is gained only by constant listening and practice.

Though native language is the most used and absorbed language, while learning the new language, it is advised to accept the uniqueness of the language as such and learn it.

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