Up Time of a Website: Why is it Important?

Up time is defined as the amount of time web servers are working properly. It is generally described as a percentage, for instance, “95% up time”, or “99.999% up time”. In terms of customers, up time is defined as a function of the reliability of a web hosting service.

If a web host promises for providing 95% up time, you may be losing up to 36 hours a month due to server errors but whereas a 99.9% up time assures that in case of server downtime, you would only lose less than an hour each month.

Nowadays business owners do their business online because people are moving towards the Internet to get information of products, to purchase products, to get services, making payments online, reserving tickets, play games, chatting online etc. People are very busy in using the Internet. However to avail these services to customers, business owner should make their site available to the end users in order to increase the sales and services of the products otherwise the visitors or users will drive away from this site to other site for shopping. So, business owner should get the help of web hosting companies in order to host a website of 99.9% up time.

If a website is designed of 99.9% up time then the users can access or load the page of a site within a time and are satisfied with the services provided by that company and they repeatedly visit this site for getting services. So, this increases the traffic to the site as well as it will increase the revenue of the company.

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