Mistakes to Avoid while Decorating Your Home

Planning to decorate your home to give it new look. There are numerous options. You need to consider your budget. Sometimes you may feel unsure of the decoration and therefore, your are likely to commit mistakes while decorating home. In this article, we discuss common mistakes that you need to avoid while decorating.

Purchasing furniture before taking measurements of the room: In excitement of decorating home, many people purchase furniture without measuring the size of the room. On arrival of furniture, if not fitting, and be placed, thus make the home much congested. If selecting furniture for a particular place, staying there for a while can help you make proper decisions. Finally when selecting furniture, make sure that it is functional rather than making a decorative piece.

Improper placing of furniture: Furniture can occupy usable floor space, if not placed properly making difficult to move around. For example, if a desk in the study room or guest room is kept in the middle of the room can give a cramped feeling. It is better to place the desk next to the wall in order to save the space.

Similarly, a large sofa is better to be placed next to the wall instead of keeping it in the middle of the room that occupy more space. As far as possible, maximize space. If you want to separate two areas of the house, a furniture piece that is large can be good for dividing the area.

Blocking the pathways: One of the biggest mistakes that is seen in decoration of house is blocked pathways. Furniture should be organized in such a way that there should be free moving of family members. Avoid unnecessary furniture so that there is enough floor space left for you.

Poor choice of wall color: People think of one color and buy one color, this is one of the common mistakes done while choosing wall color for your home. Do not go for more than two colors while selecting a color theme for your home as it can make your room look cramped. Try to color light as light color can make the space look bigger and brighter.

Poor lighting: Another important feature that is overlooked while decorating home is lighting. Be sure of placing lights at the places and the amount of light required. Overhead lighting with high voltage bulbs that can make you feel on stage is the worst choice. Lighting fixtures should be placed in such a way that it creates an inviting atmosphere. Place low voltage bulbs in lamps or up-lighters along with general lighting.

Use the space available at home effectively, so that there is maximum floor space available for you thereby giving an artistic look to your home.

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