Bringing Your Car Battery Back from Dead

Car batteries generally last for five years. The life of the battery also depends on how you take care of the car. Once the battery is dead, you need to connect it with a working battery by using the jumper cables. With this, the dead battery will recharge. In this article, we will see how to do this.

  • First, inspect your car battery for any signs of acid leaks from and for cracks. If you find any, don’t attempt for a jump start. This is because it might cause injury to you or to others.


  • Safety is very important. Batteries contain sulfuric acid and it may eject. Wear safety gloves and spectacles before you touch the dead battery. Spectacles will protect your eyes and gloves will protect your hands.


  • Check cables that are attached to your car battery do not have any signs of corrosion, loose and are secure. If you find any cables loose, tighten them. If the car battery cables are destroyed or weakened, clean them properly using a brush.


  • Drive the functional car near to the car that have the dead battery. The ideal position is, both batteries close enough to connect each other with the cables. The jumper cable size varies and it depends on the manufacturer and the style of the cable.


  • Turn off the vehicle that has a working battery.
  • Open both cars’ hoods where the batteries are located.


  • Now you need to identify the positive and negative terminals of each battery. The terminals that have plus symbol are positive, and the minus symbol indicate the negative terminals.


  • Connect the positive jumper cable to positive terminals of both the cars. It the jumper is not labeled, you can recognize it by the color. Generally positive jumper cables are in red color.


  • Connect the negative jumper cables to the negative terminal of the car which have a working battery. Connect the other side of the cable to the dead battery car’s grounded metal component. The ground cable can be attached to the chassis, frame or other component. Mostly negative jumper cables are in black in color.


  • Start the car engine that has charged battery and allow it for five minutes. It will charge the dead battery. To charge your battery fully, it will take a long time.


  • Try to start the dead battery car. If it don’t start, allow another five minutes to charge. Once the dead battery engine is started, remove the cable in reverse order. It will prevent the sparks.


  • Allow the dead battery car to charge. Keep it idle or drive for twenty minutes. If the battery is not sufficiently charged, you need to replace.

There are many factors that affect a car’s battery life. Some of them are bad habits such as unnecessarily switch on the lights or radio, severe cold, leaving the car idle for a long period of time, using additional electrical parts, deterioration or battery posts and cables, faults in car parts which consuming more power from battery, poor maintenance etc. Taking good care of your car and power consumption utilities will help you last longer your battery.

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