Used Hybrid Cars Buying Guide

Hybrid cars are relatively a new technology. These vehicles’ popularity is rising. As the popularity grows, used vehicles are also available. Like in case of gasoline cars, there are some considerations for hybrid cars when purchasing. Mostly buying tips for both hybrid and gasoline are same. These include mileage and certified.

  • Search for the vehicle you want: There are many websites to find the used cars. Check the websites that have listed used vehicles for sale in your area. If you are willing to buy the car even outside of your area and prepared to travel, check other preferable areas. You can even find through classifieds and dealerships.


  • Check service record: Once you find a vehicle that is matching to your requirements, check the service record. This should be the most important and the first step for a prospective buyer. Maintenance is very important for any car. Service records tell how the car was maintained.


  • Certified pre-owned cars: The warranty for certified pre-owned car is through either the manufacturer or a third party. The certification process parameters are a little different from gasoline and the hybrid cars. When the car is certified, it will have a higher price-tag than the non-certified car. However, the certification will add the value for your purchase.


  • Test drive: Test drive is one of the important aspects to evaluate the car even if it is a used one or a new one. Here is a checklist for used car test drive. You need to check it in daylight. Examine the tires, that need to have at least a quarter inch tread, wear, and are those matching brand and size. For wheels, check the disc brake rotors. Check under the car twice when engine is turned on and off for any fluid leaks.

Look at underneath of the car for ripples. If you find any, it indicates body repairs. Check the doors for smooth operation and locking system. Verify the signal lights, brake lights, and headlights. While running engine, open the hood and listen if there are any hisses, ticks or knocks.

Check for rust at door edges, hinges, and under carpet in the trunk. Make sure the electrical controls and devices are working properly. If you have air freshener smell and find any fresheners in the car, open the doors. By the time of your test drive completed, you can get its original smell.

Like regular gasoline cars, hybrid cars also less costlier than the new cars. Used cars save the insurance money. You can track the service history easily by using vehicle history report and vehicle identification number (VIN). Buying a used car includes risk. But if you buy a good one, it will save your money.

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