Replace Car Parts to Cut Down Fuel Costs and for Better Mileage

In order to bring down the fuel cost apart from making changes in the driving style and regular maintenance, you must also look for the parts that gives fuel efficiency and if they are worn out try to change them. This will improve fuel efficiency.

Replace spark plugs
For every spark plug there will be a mileage limit and if it crosses or reaches the limit then the spark plugs may misfire or incomplete combustion occurs frequently which will lead to drastic increase in the fuel economy. So, in order to avoid this problem early replacement of spark plug is better to save your money. Many engines with four-cylinders need replacement at regular intervals within the limit. If you replace the spark plug with new one then, the engine runs efficiently consuming less fuel.

Change air filter
We all know that old cars consume more fuel but, the reason for this is more dirt in the air filter that increases the fuel consumption by almost 10 percent. This will lead to the lower backup and power. So, it is suggested to check the condition of the air filter at least when you change the oil or when you drive more in dirt conditions and try to replace it once in year as dirt gets accumulated over there.

Replace worn out tires
Tires are helpful for the traction control of the car. The right pressure is important for the tires otherwise there will be chance of damage to the tires which effects the fuel efficiency. Studies says that more than half of the vehicles today are with under inflated tires i.e., less than the manufacturer recommended pressure. So, check your cars tire pressure regularly to avoid unnecessary wastage of money on fuel and also for long duration of tires.

Replace oxygen sensor
It helps in tracking the remaining amount of oxygen in the exhaust and lights-up through a computer when they fail working. This will lead to the increase in the fuel costs. So, replacement of oxygen sensor is necessary. It is also helpful in adjusting the fuel injection level.

Change missing spoiler
Broken or missing air dam can reduce the fuel mileage. Air dam is very helpful in letting the air to the undercarriage of the car, to A/C or radiator and also reduces the load on electricity system of the car which in turn reduces the fuel economy and improves the fuel efficiency. So, get it replaced once it is worn out or missed.

These are few parts that you need to change over time for bringing your fuel costs down and increasing fuel mileage.

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