Hiring an Attorney to Handle a DUI or DWI Case

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), it is important to decide whether you need attorney or you can manage the process. Hiring an attorney is a great idea to handle such cases. Hiring an attorney will reduce your chances of penalty and punishment or prevents you from arrest.

Following points should remember while hiring an attorney

  • Look for an attorney who has experience in DUI and DWI cases
  • Hire local state attorney as he know all the laws regarding these cases
  • Ask your attorney for total cost for representation – It is necessary as in some cases, the reduced charge is less than the spending money on hiring an attorney
  • It is better to consult two or three attorney to take final decision

Hire an attorney to plea bargaining
If there is a possibility for plea bargaining, hiring an attorney will increase your benefits. If the tests shows the blood concentration level of around 0.09% and conclusion cannot be drawn from field sobriety tests then prosecution may change the charge from DUI or DWI to harsh driving. This charges less penalty than DUI charge. If you are charged for the first offense then it is not necessary to hire an attorney.

Public defenders
Public defenders are people who economically qualify for the service of defending these DUI and DWI cases. Most of the states provide public defenders for individuals who have been charged for DUI or DWI cases. Public defenders have better idea of plea bargaining than private attorneys. Choose the public defender who have more credibility with the prosecutor office. The more credibility the more will be the chances of plea bargaining.

Hire an attorney for sentence bargaining
Most of the states have sentence bargaining in addition to the plea bargaining. Hiring an attorney for sentence bargaining is important. Sentence bargaining is useful in cases where plea bargaining result in a long period of incarceration. In some cases you would not want to pledge guilty unless you know what your sentence will be. In these conditions, an attorney should be hired to reduce the charge on you.

Hire an attorney to manage court process
Attorney will asses the case and understand the possible fines and jail time and helps to reduce or prevent from charge. He or she can manage the process by filling the required forms, scheduling your appointment at vehicle suspension department and making other required processes. Attorney who is experienced in DUI and DWI cases may know the prosecutors and which argument will be better to save you from such cases.

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