How to Cool Your Self in a Car without Air Conditioning

When it is hot and humid, it would be miserable to sit in a hot car waiting for the traffic to start moving. To over come this type of problem, we make the following suggestions to make comfortable when driving.

How to cool a car without air conditioning

  • Put a wet cloth over the middle vent of your car
    • By placing a wet cloth on the middle vent, the air that blows over it will be much cooler.
    • Keep a few pieces of wet cloth ready to replace when it dries.


  • Drive your car with barefoot
    • Driving your car with barefoot might be a little unusual idea. But your body can let out some amount of heat through your feet. So traveling with barefoot will help keep you cool to some extent.
    • In some places or countries it is illegal to drive with barefoot if that is the case just avoid this suggestion.


  • Bring freeze water bottles to use as ice packs
    • Bring freeze water bottles to use as ice packs. Wrap the frozen bottle in a towel and put it behind your neck.
    • Once the freeze water bottle liquifies, drink the cold water in it to cool off.


  • Plan your traveling time when the day is cool
    • Plan your traveling time in cooler parts of the day like early morning is often the coolest time of the day.
    • if you are traveling is not on a fixed schedule then plan driving as possible before the heat becomes unbearable in the day.
    • Try to avoid driving in mid-afternoon to avoid worst heat of the day.


  • Look for shady routes as your frequent routes
    • When driving, make sure that you are traveling in tree lined streets and roadways that are often shady for a long part of the day.


  • Roll down the windows of your car
    • Sometimes, the noise and odors of city driving may tempt you to keep the windows closed.
    • To increase the air circulation open rear window to draw fresher air.
    • Opening the car’s sliding back window to draw fresh air.


  • Roll down the windows a little while parking
    • Roll down the windows for a short while while parking. It will allow the hot air to pass out of the car pulling in cooler air.


  • Put a fan on the dashboard
    • Put a fan on the dashboard. You can get an inexpensive 12 volt fan available at auto parts stores.
    • They are attached on the rear view mirror, or stand on the dashboard and plug in to move fresher air.
    • Switch it on during driving, to help circulate the air and keep you cooler.
    • Passengers can use a real fan to help circulate air around themselves.

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