Benefits of Reseller Web Hosting for Reseller Account Holder

Today, reseller hosting is a popular way of web hosting for people who want to maintain multiple domains. Here, the reseller has the complete authority of maintaining multiple domains of their clients and benefits by reselling the sub-domains to the clients. Do you want to start a web hosting company by providing and become a reseller? Then, you can get many benefits with this reseller web hosting service. Some of the benefits are listed here.

No initial investment or very low investment
The first step is you don’t have to worry about the initial investment for purchasing vast services and features from the original web hosting company to sell it to end users. Because, many companies take very less money for the services they provide at starting and later when clients purchase the hosting service from the reseller the original service provider demands money or through monthly payments from the reseller and many other companies won’t take the initial payment at all until the reseller gets the clients. So, the reseller can start their business with no fear and they will have more features than other basic plans.

The reseller can create multiple hosting accounts for reselling
Once the reseller owns the hosting account for selling it to clients, they can create multiple sub-domains and allocate resources as they like. So, the reseller can earn a lot on multiple domains that they create.

Can manage cPanel and account
Though the control will be in the hands of the original web hosting company reseller will have the authentication to manage his cPanel and account and many other features like disk space usage, bandwidth limitations etc. because he has to allocate the resources to the end user. Thus, the reseller can manage their account and resources based on the requirements.

Can create private name servers and self signed SSL certificates
The reseller has the authority to create their own SSL certificates and private name servers to provide them to their clients or end-users.

No maintenance
Here the overall control will be in the hands of original web hosting company, and the reseller don’t have to worry about the maintenance, security and other issues of the account as they takes care of those issues.

Customer protection
Though the reseller is the service provider for the end user or the client they don’t have to take care of the customer protection because, the account belongs to original web hosting company and they will take care of all the issues related to customer protection as said above. Therefore, the reseller will have peace of mind with no troubles or problems.

These are some of the benefits the reseller account holder gets by selling the web hosting services to the clients.

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