Advantages of dedicated servers

For consistent performance and security often people opt for dedicated servers to host their websites and complex business applications. Unlike shared & VPS hosting where server resources are shared between the users, dedicated remains as the perfect solution for those who require uninterrupted performance with complete control on the servers. With new cloud technology in place now, some really get confused choosing between these two, as both of them exhibit almost equal server performance and reliability. However, the technical aspects of the cloud is basically controlled by the hosting provider where as in dedicated hosting, the user has complete control on the server settings to decide and run the programs as per priority and change the security options according to the application needs. Overall, dedicated servers are still in demand for many of the small to medium business applications where moving to cloud is considered as an expensiveness and tedious affair.
Lets us see some of the advantages of dedicated servers over the other types of hosting solutions.

High performance and security

Since bandwidth is not shared between other users, the applications that have dedicated hosting has maximum guaranteed up time for their websites. Especially, it is important for gaming and e-commerce websites where the user traffic is more and higher speeds are expected to give better user experience. When it comes to security, dedicated servers are highly protected because there is no possibility of getting virus or spam from other websites. Since the server space is not shared with other malicious websites or spammers, this type of hosting allows enhanced security when compared to other hosting solutions.

Flexible customization

As the name implies, dedicated hosting provides dedicated servers that allows the clients to customize the features as per their unique application requirements. Some organizations may require higher disk space to store their data while others may need particular software to run their applications on a specific platform. This is possible only in dedicated hosting where customers have flexibility to customize server environments that fits their needs.
Dedicated server resources
In dedicated hosting full resources of a single server is allocated to a single customer, which means the user need not worry about downtime due to clogging up of servers with high bandwidth usage. Unlike in shared hosting, every server in dedicated is allotted with a unique IP which implies the IP is not shared with any other website. This is one of the important aspects in server security, because servers that share common IP get easily influenced by other spam or malicious sites. It is especially important for websites that deal with sensitive personal data like bank account details, credit card processing etc.
Higher reliability
Since the servers are closely monitored for speed, performance and security, dedicated hosting offer higher reliability when compared to shared and other hosting services. In other hosting services including cloud, the other users directly impact the application performance because the sharing of resources like RAM, CPU, disk space and network access takes place among the users. However, in dedicated hosting users need not worry about poor performance and downtime due to server sharing. No matter how huge the website traffic is, these servers has the capacity to handle the websites with same speed and stability.

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