An Overview on Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition has become a latest trend in technology where the programs convert the human dictated words into text. The software lets you talk to the device, analyzes the sounds and acts accordingly as per the instructions. Primarily it was developed as an alternative for typing and formatting the text but today the software has improved abilities to perform multiple tasks such as sending emails, opening apps, adding contacts to mail list, or browsing websites using voice commands. It lets you record your thoughts hand free no matter where you are and allows you to start and control various activities using voice instructions.

How Voice Recognition Software Works?
The first step towards using a voice recognition software is to enroll and let the software know about your voice. Once the process is done, the software is ready to use and take instructions what you are speaking. Sometimes, it may misunderstand the command and make mistakes when the voice is not clear. However, it allows to correct or format the text through voice by just giving the appropriate command or instructions. In case of the tasks where using mouse is mandatory such as in games, the software has specific commands to enable the mouse functionality.

Benefits of Speech Recognition
Since there are wide number of speech recognition software products available with different functioning abilities, the benefits basically depends on the type of the software that you are using. While some basic voice recognition software have the capacity to handle few tasks like dictation, editing and formatting, others allow users to create the custom commands to perform certain operations. The software is very useful for people who cannot type or operate computers due to disability or to those who have difficulty in typing correct spellings. Nowadays the software is being used even in businesses particularly in medical field for transcription and reporting. Another reason to use this software is the convenience, speed and accuracy. People can just dictate the commands on the go and the instructions are followed promptly with fewer number of mistakes.

Software Availability
There are several speech recognition softwares available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Especially mobile phone platforms such as Android, Windows and Apple’s iOS widely use built-in voice recognition functionality. Among the recent ones, last year Apple upgraded Siri to support voice recognition, which works as a human assistant capable of doing multiple tasks. In addition to that there are many third party speech recognition applications available in the market specially designed for specific functionality. For instance, nowadays voice biometric applications are becoming popular in bank account security. The voice is used as an authentication in addition to face biometrics to provide protection to bank accounts.

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