Know How an Infrared Heater Works

Infrared heaters are used for home and industrial applications. Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation having frequency less than visible light. Electricity or other fuels are used to heat a filament for producing infrared light. Gas combustion is used by most infrared heaters for heating a steel tube or a ceramic surface which emits infrared heat.

An infrared heater consists of a coil or filament which can withstand a very high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. The coil is made of tungsten, carbon or iron alloys. A quartz glass tube filled with an inert gas is used for protecting the filament. The filament can also be embedded in ceramic. The Wavelength of infrared light produced varies with the type of material used.

Based on the material used, infrared heaters are of four types. They include ceramic emitters, metal tubulars, quartz lamps, and quartz tubes. The temperature, wavelength, efficiency, cost and durability are different for these types.

Based on the wavelength of the light emitted light, infrared heaters are of two types including short-wave and long-wave infrared heaters. High temperatures can be obtained by short-wave heaters and are used for industrial processes. Long-wave infrared heaters are generally used for residential purposes.

Whatever may be the area of application, infrared heaters are supposed to be efficient heating systems.

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