Census Data On Jewelry Sales From 2003 To April 2009

The census data from the three sources (Jewelers Board Of trade (JBT), Bureau Of Labor (BLS), Census Bureau (CB) from the years 2003 to April 2009 is available. It reveals that:

The government figures runs up to two years behind. For instance, the latest figures from the Census Bureau, which consists of the most complete census of jewelry sales are from 2006. Census numbers for 2007 are expected to be available soon, and 2008 data is not expected to be available until 2010. Moreover, BLS census data runs one year behind, 2007 statistics was available, but 2008’s data was not available. The JBT reports its data monthly, with statistics which will be not more than fifteen days old. So, the JBT data is included till April 2009.

According to JBT, for retailers, the jewelry sales reduced from 2003 to April 2009 (24,838 in 2003; 24,843 in 2004; 24,543 in 2005; 23, 778 in 2006; 23,035 in 2007; and 22,623 till April 2009).

According to JBT, for wholesalers, the jewelry sales are almost stable. According to JBT, for manufacturers, the jewelry sales decreased from 2003. According to JBT for wholesalers and manufacturers, the jewelry sales decreased slightly from 2003.

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