How Driving Gets Affected By Abusing Marijuana

This drug will effect on wide range of needed skills for safe driving. When the person uses marijuana before driving then it will effect on ability to control the vehicle in the following areas like short term memory, time and distance perception, lane positioning, reaction time, eye and hand coordination, concentration, decision making, headway control, steering, vigilance, etc. because this will effect on thinking and make it hard for driver to react for sudden or unexpected events. It will also affect the ability to brake quickly, track through curves, maintain proper distance between cars and also speed of the car.

If you smoke a single cigarette with presence of marijuana, will impaired the skills of driving for 4 to 6 hours. The risks of accident will increase greatly, if the person uses drug marijuana along with alcohol. This will be very danger if you on the road on the presence of marijuana. When this drug is other drugs like opiate or sedatives then it will cause to increase in anxiety and also hallucination.

This is not only effect on your driving but also effect on creating your health issues like as this contain more cancer cause agents,if they use for number of years then it will cause cancer. In laboratory test when the marijuana applied to the animal skin it showed the result as tumors. Many of the scientists believe that this can be harmful for the lungs because the they deeply inhale the unfiltered smoke and this will hold in their lungs for long time. It also increases the heart beat to 5o percent which is depends upon the amount of (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) THC. Person who have less blood pressure supply to the heart may cause chest pain.

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