Advantages on Working with an Apartment Broker

  • Each apartment broker has the list of apartments which they are given permission by the landlord to show to the people. In some cities, brokers control the market, which means that most las vegas apartments are available only through brokers. Some landlords do work with multiple brokers, which can drive up the competition.
  • View many apartments quickly. After telling them your price range, desired apartment size, and any other specific requests, they can show you those apartments that fit your specifications much quicker than if you scanned the classifieds and visited each one yourself.
  • Knowledge of the local market. A broker knows the range of rent pricing in her local market, the average square footage, the character of different neighborhoods, and nearby supermarkets or gas stations to the apartment.
  • If you’re moving to a new city, hiring a broker to answer any of your questions may be safer and faster than researching yourself or selecting the first apartment you see.
  • More forthright on an apartment’s flaws. You, not the landlord, pay the broker’s commission for finding you an apartment. Because they get paid a one-time commission, no matter which apartment you choose, a broker is more likely to be honest about an apartment’s flaws than a landlord or company.
  • You pay only if they deliver. Usually, brokers are not paid their fee until you sign a lease. This is beneficial should you find a broker you do not work well with or they are unable to find you a desirable apartment. Be wary, though, if you are asked to pay upfront. Research the background of the broker to see if he is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Work with multiple brokers. Working with more than one broker gives you access to more apartments, and you may find some whom you work better with than others.

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